Be Safe is a Met crime prevention campaign that aims to motivate, empower and mobilise Londoners to take steps to protect themselves and their property from crime, while officers continue to work hard to disrupt and arrest criminals.

Starting by focusing on residential burglary in Barnet, Enfield and Lambeth, the campaign will continue throughout the year and include phases on mobile phone theft and motor vehicle crime in Westminster and Southwark, depending on seasonal crime peaks and activity.

It will see a range of media including digital advertising, radio and PR targeted at residents to help them take simple crime prevention steps to reduce their vulnerability against the different crime types. We will also be working closely with local authorities and other partners to amplify the campaign and develop materials to support those who may be more vulnerable.

Be Safe is currently a trial campaign to allow the Met to test a new approach to crime prevention messaging, based on data insight and behavioural change research. We hope to test some of the findings from this research to help Londoners take action to protect their property easily and effectively.

The campaign will be supported by operational activity, but we know that simple crime prevention can make it more difficult for criminals and reduce the risk of crime.

The campaign will be fully evaluated so we can understand what has been effective and improve our crime prevention messaging and campaigns going forward.

Be a Hero

Crime prevention isn’t rocket science. We know that simple crime prevention steps are effective and can make a big difference in keeping people and their property safe. However, research commissioned by the Met showed that whilst many Londoners feel they already have a good awareness of basic crime prevention, these actions are not carried out for a variety of reasons: for example, Londoners are really frightened about burglary – so frightened that they don’t let themselves think about it so don’t do anything to reduce their vulnerability, they also don’t believe that easy steps can protect them.

We want to encourage Londoners to think about crime prevention in a different way, and to reappraise their own crime prevention behaviours and the actions they can take to protect their property and make their community safer.

The ‘Be a Hero’ video is a funny and engaging ‘mock hero’ story which highlights that, by taking small crime prevention steps, everyone can fight crime and be a hero by stopping crime before it happens.

We want Londoners to feel informed and empowered to take steps to protect themselves and their property from crime and similarly be crime fighting heroes.

Hero mother stops burglars single handedly

Join the conversation

Join the conversation on twitter - use #BeAHero to tell us about who your crime prevention heroes are and why.

Supporting Be Safe

We are keen to hear from and work with organisations and businesses who feel they can help support this campaign, especially in relation to residential burglary in Barnet, Enfield and Lambeth, and mobile phone theft or moped theft in Southwark and Westminster. A range of materials and communication tools will be available for partners. For further information on how you can get involved, please contact