Information alerts

Temporary processes to manage high demand

Due to the start of the academic year we're experiencing a higher than normal number of people visiting our offices.

To avoid overcrowding and help people to be seen more quickly we've put some temporary processes in place:

  • Admission slips - we are issuing slips which can only be collected at the door during our opening times. The slips are issued only to the customer requiring registration or an update and not to friends or family.
  • For students - we have arrangements in place with a number of educational sponsors to help students register with the police. This arrangement is known as the Interim Process and students are encouraged to speak to their educational sponsors before attending OVRO as this will save you time. Students wishing to register through their educational sponsor during this busy period will be regarded as having satisfied their 7 day requirement to register with the police. 

  • For students who have booked on Eventbrite through their educational sponsors and have a confirmed booking please ensure that you attend on time for your appointment to register with our office.

    Your appointment maybe for a day or time when we are normally closed but please do attend as special arrangements have been made for you to register outside of our normal working hours.